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Hepatitis Sequence Matcher - (HSM)

Hepatitis Sequence Matcher (HSM) searches the HepSEQ database for sequences matching the user input sequence, and returns exact matches if there are any.

The option of returning similar (equal or above 98% identical) matches is also implemented using NCBI stand-alone 'BLAST' tool or EMBOSS tools 'Water' (Smith-Waterman) or 'Needle' (Needleman-Wunsch).

The input sequence could be pasted in the box below or could be uploaded as a file.

Only standard nucleotides without any gaps are allowed in the sequence.

The input file should only have one sequence without gaps or line breaks.

Matching method Exact Similar
Input method Paste sequence Upload file
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Sample data: Surface/Polymerase genes (Accession number AJ297875)
X/Precore/Core genes (Accession number AB163782)