Hepatitis B Sequence DatabaseThe International Repository for
Hepatitis B Virus Strain Data
Welcome to HepSEQ-Research Database System
This is a web-accessible, quality-based, molecular, clinical and epidemiological database for hepatitis B infection and provides a tool for the research community or for those involved in hepatitis B case management.
EM image of Hepatitis B, CfI Colindale
This database currently (Fri, 25 May 2018 23:03:11 +0100) has 6,035 patient records and 8,852 viral sequences. The quality of all submitted sequences is checked.
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The tools provided:
SeqMatch: search the database for matching sequences
Genotyper: genotype HBV strains (based on HBV surface antigen genes)
Gene Mutation: display the sequences that contain mutations in HBV coding regions
Mutation Annotator: annotate sequences for mutation known to be associated with anti-viral resistance
Accessing HepSEQ-Research
To access the data, you are required to register.
Registration for academic use is free.
The following policy documents govern access to the HepSEQ Database and the data stored within. It is advised that you read these documents prior to registration.
HepSEQ data access policy
HepSEQ publication policy
HepSEQ patient confidentiality policy
If you have any questions about the database or the policies listed above, please email the curators.
This new web database development is funded by the UK Department of Health, curated and hosted by the Health Protection Agency.